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Kairos Prison Ministry Prayer & Cookies

Author: Traci Kersker

Please be in prayer for the Indiana State Prison Kairos outreach this weekend.  Also, we are still accepting cookies until Wednesday, October 31st at 7pm.

Kairos Prison Ministry's Spring Outreaches are coming up! Here are just a couple ways you can support Kairos' efforts:

Sign up online for a time slot in the prayer vigil for Indiana State Prison October 18-21, 2018 and/or Westville Correctional Center November 1-4, 2018  (Click the link to sign up.).


Other Ways to Participate:

  • Bake Cookies
  • Make Hand prints of children
  • Purchase a meal ticket for feed an inmate a special meal

Bake cookies and freeze them. (Each weekend service to a prison requires 3500-5000 DOZEN cookies! Special recipe required.)

It's never too soon to begin making cookies! Recipe Follows:

Click here for Kairos Cookie Recipe & Instructions

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