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God Sightings

Traci and I went for a walk yesterday.  I bring this up because it seems like it has been a long time since we have gone for a walk.  Our schedules have been pretty busy. (This weekend, for example, includes a picking up a car in South Bend, visiting our son in Cincinnati, and sending Traci with the youth to CIY/Move.) I also bring it up because walks are an important component of our life and ministry together.


Midweek Fill Up

Midweek Fill-Up (Wednesdays @7pm)

Join us to be Empowered, Equipped, and Encouraged in your walk and ministry. 

Our time together will consist of aproximately 30 minutes each of empowering through God's Word, equipping in various ways for greater effectiveness, and mutual encouragement as we ask God to work through us and surrender not only our ministries, but ourselves to Him.

We fill up so that we have something to pour into others.

Encounter Student Ministry

Sundays June 2, 23, and 30 4:30-6:30

When we hear the word "faith" it conjures sort of a fluffy, soft, ambiguous idea. We throw the word faith around so much,but do we really understand what it means, what it looks like, and how we should live it out?

In the month of June we will be unpacking this concept of faith and what it looks like in our everyday lives.


Operation Christmas Child

Currently Collecting: Outdoor Toys (Jumpropes, deflated balls, etc.)

Ernesto's Story tells of how he was having a tough time in school.  He was often sad and angry.  Some friends invited him to church and told him about the shoeboxes.  Ernesto excitedly brought home a shoebox and shared it with his mom.  He was especially excited to receive a soccer ball along with school supplies.  Ernesto continued going to church and accepted Jesus' gift. 

Showing Love Through Shelter and Food!

New Creation Men's Shelter
Thursday Nights - Friday Mornings

Our time to serve with men's shelter begins next week!  Serveral are already helping out with staffing as hosts throughout the night.  If you are interested in this or the welcome time (Thursdays from 6-9pm) connect with Jeff Harms.

A main way that we show our love for these men is by feeding them breakfast in the morning as they prepare for their day.  We prepare to feed about 20

Ongoing Events

Check out what is Happening at Life Bridge this week!

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