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Keeping Life Bridge Safe

Author: Traci Kersker

As COVID spikes throughout our county and beyond, we want to make sure that we continue to think of others above ourselves as we continue to worship our Lord and Savior both in person and online.

As we consider others, here is what we are asking from all of us:


Wear Your Mask
Out of love for one another, and desire to be responsible in caring for everyone's safety, we ask people to wear masks when we are:
     * Crowded (12 people or more in one of the large rooms)
     * Close (< 6 feet apart)
     * Have a High Risk Person Present (HRPP)

Gather Wisely
To do our part in keeping the Life Bridge building a safe place for everyone to worship.

     * If you tested positive for COVID, please join us online.
     * If you are awaiting COVID test results, please join us online.
     * If you are feeling unwell, even with cold related symptoms, please join us online.

Love Safely
While we are family, we don't live in the same household, and each of us needs to do their part to care for the interest of our entire family.

     * 1 Household = 1 Table - Please sit only with people from your own household to minimize the chance of spreading the virus. Also, don't spread out across a bunch of tables with people from your household. Leave some space for others.
     * No Hugs - This is probably the most difficult part for God's family who loves one another. The more loving thing right now, though, is to not touch one another at all. That includes pats on the shoulder, handshakes, and, yes, hugs.

Let's spread God's love during this season, not germs.

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